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Thriving with diabetes,

not just living with


My goal is to give you real-life strategies that will make diabetes management easier. 

I provide you tailored advice to your specific needs because no two diabetes are the same. 


I'm here to help you every step of the way so you can live your best life with diabetes. As a person living with type 1 diabetes but also a certified diabetes educator and registered dietitian, I know both the science and the practice


Pregnancy & DIABETES

Will my baby be OK?  What foods should I eat? How do I keep my blood sugars in target?  Can I eat carbs during pregnancy?  Pregnancy with diabetes can feel daunting.  You are full of questions and want guidance and answers to your doubts. Trust me I've been there! As a person with type 1 diabetes, mother of two, certified diabetes educator, and register dietitian I know the theory but I've also lived through it. I'll give you practical and individualized solutions to help you feel at ease during pregnancy.  I will help you along the 9-month journey! 


Children Type 1

Getting a diagnosis of type 1 diabetes in your child is a lifechanging event.  Will my child lead a normal life? How do I manage his blood sugar at school?  What about sports?  What's the best type of pump or sensor for my kid?  Type 1 diabetes in children is totally different than how an adult would manage diabetes. I have more than 10 years of experience working with kids and families with type 1 diabetes. I strive to make the education simple and wholistic taking into account the developmental needs of each child. My personal perspective as a person with type 1 diabetes is fundamental in the advice I give.  


Adult Type 1

Maybe you are struggling with your diabetes? Perhaps you are tired of having constant lows or frustrated because you can't lose weight, and your blood sugars are a rollercoaster ride.   We will review essential nutrition and diabetes concepts so you can fine-tune and level up your diabetes skills. My goal is to help you feel your best with diabetes and not allow this condition to stop you from living your best life. 

“Working with Marina is not only receiving the guidance of an excellent professional who really understands what Type 1 Diabetes means, it is also having the support of a woman of unmatched human quality who is committed to giving the best of herself to each patient. Thank you Marina for the affection with which you received us and accompanied us!" 

Sofi J.



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