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As a parent, you want to do everything possible; your child with diabetes feels like any other kid his age. Working with children with diabetes is one of the biggest joys. I've worked as a pediatric diabetes educator for the last 10 years, and I understand the nuances involved in managing diabetes. My advice stems from both my professional but also personal experience living with diabetes for the last 20 years


Learn about insulin dosages during activity, the best snacks to give at school, how to manage growth spurts, and how to handle school events and parties.

I'm here to help you along the way so you can feel confident and educated in the best way to manage your child's diabetes! 


Each visit is 100% individualized and is tailored to your child's unique needs.

Topics include:

  • Newly diagnosed diabetes - Diabetes 101

  • Insulin pump training and support based on your unique needs

  • How to manage blood glucose during sports and physical activity - best snacks pre-post activity, understand blood glucose, and insulin dynamics during activity

  • Social events and parties. How to handle social events, count carbs at parties, or when eating out?

  • School diabetes management - Managing blood sugars at school-school meals, snacks, 501 ​

  • Carb counting skills from basic to advanced - Understanding the impact of high/low GI foods, the impact of fat, and protein in blood sugars. 

  • Advanced diabetes management - learn about food composition, advanced pump settings,  bolus delivery methods, and pattern management. 


newly diagnosed

  • You are full of questions and are still trying to manage your child's and family's new life with diabetes.  This plan will guide you every step of the way answering all of your questions and providing you essential education so you feel confident you can take care of your child with diabetes.  All caregivers are welcome to participate.

  • 5 virtual visits: 1 initial + 4 follow up visits. Initial visits last 60min and follow-ups are done bi-weekly 30min.

  • Discuss individual goals based on your child's needs and establish an action plan with custom recommendations.

  • Create an education plan to review key diabetes areas including carb counting, sick day, sports and activity, what to do in an emergency, and more.

  • Review BG logs/or sensor data

  • Discuss emerging technologies pros and cons in each.

  • Unlimited support and emails with answers to your questions 

Tune up + Action plan 

  • Maybe your child has been diagnosed with diabetes for a while, but you are having trouble managing the blood sugars. This plan is meant to tune up your skills, evaluate problem areas and develop an action plan to improve blood sugars and lead a healthy life. 

  • 3 virtual visits (1 initial + 2 follow ups) 

  • Discuss individual goals based on your child's needs and establish an action plan with custom recommendations

  • Fine-tune diabetes management (insulin pump/CGM), review BG records 

  • Provide an individualized education plan based on needs and wants

  • Unlimited support and emails with answers to your questions 

make me an expert

  • This plan is meant to give you a comprehensive education and level up your diabetes skills. You will learn about different insulin delivery methods, food composition, pattern management, advanced pump settings to help you feel the expert when it comes to taking care of your child's diabetes.

  • 6 virtual visits (1 initial + 5 follow-ups)

  • Review BG logs/or sensor data at each visit.

  • Review key diabetes management concepts from basic to advanced and provide follow up plan.

  • Develop an individualized educational plan based on individuals needs to feel confident in managing the nuances in everyday diabetes care.

  • Get all your questions answered, unlimited emails, and support.​

  • Fine-tune diabetes management (insulin pump/CGM), review BG records 

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